Meet Mark and Dylan Tate!

Why do you serve on a ministry team? 

     Mark:    To use my God given talents to serve Him and others. 

     Dylan:   To show others that they can get involved in ministry too.

How long have you been serving on a ministry team? 

     Mark:     I actually had to think about this one.  It’s been almost 3 years with the Worship Band now, if    

                    my count is correct. 

     Dylan:    I want to say about as long as my dad has been doing it, 3 years roughly.

What’s your favorite part about serving on a ministry team?  

     Mark:    Being connected with musically gifted individuals and their families in pursuit of common

                    goals and seeing my children model behaviors set and serve in their own capacity.

     Dylan:   Seeing the church grow with new people every Sunday!

             The Tate Guys are hooked!