Meet Linda!

 How long have you been serving in children's ministry at Creekside?

    Linda:   I have been serving in the nursery for about 8 years.

   Why do you serve in the children's ministry?

    Linda:    I serve in children's ministry, because Ashlee asked me to, so many years ago! LOL! I continue                           coming back, because I love our babies and seeing them grow, warms my heart.

 What has been the best part of serving at Creekside?

    Linda:    The energy.  There is never a Sunday I walk in athat I'n not greeted with a smile and warm hug. 

 What would you tell someone considering joining our team?

    Linda:    DO IT!!  Ashlee, Regina, and Azina and countless others will be there to guide you.  There is                                 nothing better than helping our children learn the word of God (or getting a few cuddles from                         the sweet babies in our nursery!) .


Linda is hooked!