Meet Judy & Meredith!

 How long have you been serving in children's ministry at Creekside?

    Judy:   I began serving in March 2016

   Meredith:  7 months

Why do you serve in the children's ministry?

    Judy:    I’ve served in many other positions before but have always been drawn to Children’s Ministry.  In                  my experience, children really want to know more about God’s word and helping them learn                            actually helps me learn. I’ve also been able to watch children that I taught many years ago grow                      up and serve Jesus as young adults/adults.  That is very rewarding!

   Meredith:   Because I love kids and having a passion for teaching so teaching kids how amazing God is                                just makes sense.

 What has been the best part of serving at Creekside?

    Judy:    At Creekside, I don’t feel the “push” to serve just to fill a spot.    I serve because I enjoy doing it.                      I’m not overwhelmed with having to serve week-after-week, risking burn out.   

   Meredith:  It's a once a month commitment but more than that, getting to work with my Momma!

 What would you tell someone considering joining our team?

    Judy:    Serving in Children’s Ministry is fun!  I get to be kid myself!  The lessons are easy to present, with                    all teaching material ready to go.   The CM Leaders are experienced and really love doing what                        they do. 

    Meredith:  You can make a huge impact while still being able to focus on your own spiritual journey.


Judy & Meredith are hooked!