Where Do Children Go on Sunday?

Providing a safe, secure and fun environment where they can learn about God is our highest priority.
To be sure that every child is safe while they are with us, we have a computerized check-in and security system. When you and your family arrive at Creekside, you will check your children in at any of our computer check-in locations. There are two in the lobby of our Children and Youth Building, as one as one near the lakeside entrance to the worship center. From the check-in stations, a volunteer will help you locate the correct classes for each of your children.


Infants through 18 months of age are a part of our nursery. Our loving volunteers do everything possible to comfort, love, and engage your child while left in our care. Please make sure to let our volunteers know at check-in of any special needs or allergies your child may have


From 18 months until mastery of potty-training or age three, your child will be a part of the walker group. Snack, music, stories, developmentally appropriate play, and lots of fun happen in this group. Our volunteers do a wonderful job of celebrating each child’s unique personality. 


Children age three through the beginning of Kindergarten will be in our pre-school class.  Every week includes an age appropriate Bible story, a craft or coloring activity, snack, music, and guided play time. Our volunteers share an excitement of learning about God and His word with these kids, which creates a fun atmosphere for everyone!

Camp Creekside

Kindergarten through 4th grade

Camp Creekside is geared to engage children by creating an atmosphere that leaves them wanting to come back time and time again! Through a multi-media presentation of God’s Word, worship, and fun and crazy games, our Elevate curriculum helps us accomplish this goal. All age groups participate in large group teaching time, then split off into small groups for age appropriate application of what they have learned.